Formal Methods in Security Patrignani, Nemati, K√ľnnemann


Participation and Lecture 1 update

Written: 27.10.2021 14:23 Written By: Marco Patrignani

Dear students,

there were only 6 students today, dropping to 3 when asked to split up in groups for exercises.
We'd like to point out a couple of things then:

  • if you are not interested in the class, please deregister 
  • class participation is an element of evaluation: we expect you to *BOTH* attend class and be active in it, not just one of the two
  • there is little chance you are able to pass the assignments and the exam if you do not participate during class exercises and tests

For those that do want to continue with the course:

  • apologies for today's heavy cough
  • the recording is up and the link is in the ifc page.
    The audio there does not seem corrupted. I'll resort to the better laptop in the future to avoid similar issues
  • i've added the derivation for the missing exercise too -- i got confused during class and thought we were doing the wrong derivation, but the derivation there is correct 
  • remember that the friday Q&A is only done if there are questions on askbot

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