Formal Methods in Security Patrignani, Nemati, K√ľnnemann


Second part of the course starts next week ...

Written: 26.11.2021 17:05 Written By: Hamed Nemati

Next week we start with the second part of the course, which covers topics related to system verification (SysV). As it is announced before this part of the course will be given by recorded lectures (plus supplementary materials including lecture notes and other useful documents) which will be available at the beginning  of each week. You have 3 days to check the lecture before our Q&A session. On Wednesday will meet at 15pm to answer questions (if any) that pop up on Askbot (see the menu of the course page). Please DO ask your questions on Askbot: no questions (up until the Q&A session) means no Q&A. Organisation of the course is available here, where we also publish links to the course materials.

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