Q&A Session

The Q&A session runs every week on Monday 16:00 - 18:00 (We start at 14:00 sharp) (Exception: we start at 16:30 on 13.11.2023 and 20.11.2023).

We will answer questions that pop up on Askbot (see the menu of the course page), even those that appear in anonymous form.
Participation is strongly recommended.



Assignments must be solved, written and submitted individually. You are allowed to discuss the problems with other classmates, but you must not share any solution in written form. Write the answers in English; be clear, precise, and formal. It is recommended to write the answers in LaTeX. Handwritten answers are also acceptable as long as they are legible. Submit your solution in PDF format on CMS (not by email).

Assignment List:


Exam [Tentative date: February 19, 2024]

The exam will be in person.


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