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Talk Friday 10:15 Caroline Lemieux (UC Berkeley) on "Expanding the Reach of Fuzz Testing"

Written: 29.11.2018 13:54 Written By: Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

This Friday, we have a visiting researcher in the field of software test generation and security testing as our guest.  Come visit her talk
Expanding the Reach of Fuzz Testing 
Caroline Lemieux, UC Berkeley
Friday, November 30, 10:15
CISPA (E9 1), Seminar Room 308
Abstract.  Fuzz testing, in particular feedback-directed fuzz testing (FDF) popularized by AFL, has gained prominence in recent years in both industry and academia thanks to its bug-finding power and apparent simplicity. A natural question is whether the FDF algorithm is well-suited to achieve other testing goals. In this talk, I will discuss my work on expanding the reach of fuzz testing, centering around three projects that altered FDF to: achieve higher program coverage, discover performance problems, and test programs with highly-structured inputs. In spite of these differing goals, these projects all made similar tweaks to FDF, and I will summarize these common themes. 
Bio.  Caroline Lemieux is a 3rd year PhD student at UC Berkeley advised by Koushik Sen. Her current research focuses on expanding the reach of fuzz testing to novel testing objectives, with judicious use of user feedback. Her broader research interests are in developing automated methods for software testing and comprehension relying on the power of dynamic validation. She received her B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. 


Looking forward to see you, and best wishes,
Andreas Zeller


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