Project 3 Tips

Written on 12.02.2019 18:47 by Ezekiel Soremekun

Hi all,

I have received some questions about how to solve Project 3 and the implementation policy for the project. I will like to clarify some of them here.

In this project, you are allowed to inport the fuzzingbook module, any of the inbuilt python modules (, and the regex module ( The `regex` module is important because the `re` module does not support the "\p{}" syntax. However, do not install or import any other module other than the aforementioned modules, and do not use (parts of) any open source code, e.g. found online.

Do not make any assumption on the nature of the validation regex, the only valid assumption is that each field would be validated with a regex. Hence, focus on developing fitness function(s) for any arbitrary regex, you are allowed to use any solution you deem fit for your fitness function.

The goal of this project is to search the input space, starting from the provided initial input till you reach a valid input that matches the regex. This goal is to be achieved only via your mutation, selection, crossover and fitness functions. We have used regex-based validators because of its familiarity from Project 2. Simply generating a string that matches the expected regex will be penalized.

Lastly, over the last two weeks some students have raised some questions and issues in the project. The most recent version of the project clarifies all issues raised thus far. Kindly pull the most recent version of the project notebook (Project_Search_Based_WebFuzzer.ipynb) available at or for download




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