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Project 3 Results & Final Grade

Written: 12.04.2019 19:12 Written By: Ezekiel Soremekun

Hi all,

Results for Project 3 has been published, as well as the final grades for the course. Project 3's final grade was computed with one bonus point for greater than average validity, one bonus point for lower than average number of generations and one bonus point for greater than average reachability.

For point reproducibility, the evaluation code for the project containing the details of the time limits, final set of regex and the final population can be found in the evaluation notebook (final_Project_Search_Based_WebFuzzer_eval.ipynb). This is available at or for download at

If you want to reproduce the points obtained by your implementation using the evaluation notebook (i.e. final_Project_Search_Based_WebFuzzer_eval.ipynb), copy and paste your implementation in “Your code” section of the notebook, and run all cells, then your result will be automatically generated.

The course final grade was computed as the average of the three project grades. In addition, to pass the course, you are required to pass all three projects with a minimum grade of 4.0.

If you have any questions or require feedback for your grade, kindly send an email or drop by my office (E 9.1, room 2.06).



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