Generating Software Tests Andreas Zeller, Rahul Gopinath


Bug Bounties for "Generating Software Tests"

Written: 16.10.2018 16:04
Modified: 23.10.2018 16:09
Written By: Andreas Zeller

Andreas Zeller offers bounties for bugs found in the notebooks distributed every week:

  • 0.20€ for every new bug in the writing (i.e. text cells)
  • 0.50€ for every new bug found in the code.

Here, a "bug" is any condition leading to a change.  

Bugs are best resolved interactively.  Come and see Professor Zeller with a printout or a list, preferably after the lecture.  We will have leaderboards of students reporting the most bugs.

The fine print: Offer can be revoked at any time, all further liability is excluded, decisions are final, there is no recourse to the courts, yada yada yada.

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