Project 1

Written on 31.10.2018 01:23 by Nataniel Borges Jr.

Hi all, Project 1 is out!
The goal of this project is to fuzz a SVG processing library using the mutation fuzzing techniques we saw in the lecture.
The project notebook (Project_MutationFuzzing.ipynb) is available at or for download at
If you download the project make sure to download the data (data/svg-full) folder as well!
To access you need to forward us your Github username, then we can grant you access to the system.
You can develop your solution as you wish, but for submission you have to write it down in the provided notebook and upload it to the CMS.
More instructions on how to solve the project are in the notebook. If you have any doubt, just send us a question on the course AskBot.
Deadline: November 26th 07:00 CET
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