Project 1 Tips

Written on 11.11.2018 21:18 by Nataniel Borges Jr.

Hi all, 
I received with questions about how to reach more than 4300 LOC. If you are having problems, it may be in one of the following items:
- A mix between purely random mutations (without converting the SVG into a tree) and specialised mutations helps the fuzzer to explore other code segments, such as XML validations.
- The timeout for the FunctionCoverageRunner may be too small, try overwriting the coverage runner to increase the timeout a bit. That’s a valid solution, as long as the timeout is reasonable [3-5 seconds should do the trick in most modern computers or in the server]. Have a look here to see how to extend the class.
A last tip to improve your coverage is to let the purely random (or your own) fuzzer run for, like 50.000 iterations and see which new children (i.e. children which reaches code locations you could not with 10.000 iterations) were created. This may help you to come up with new mutation operators.
Finally, note that the final evaluation will be executed in the server, thus, it is recommended that you check/evaluate your results there before submission. If you still don’t have access to the server, just send your GitHub data by email to nataniel.borges at
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