Generating Software Tests (Security Testing) Andreas Zeller + Rahul Gopinath


Project 2 - Important Change

Written: 22.11.2019 12:30 Written By: Michael Mera

Dear students,

I got several questions and requests from students about changing `min_nonterminals` and `max_nonterminals` in the fuzzer of Part 1. The defaults (0 and 10) let you only produce small inputs.

It is completely possible to meet the required coverage (and a lot more actually) with these default values. I admit however that it makes the exercise a bit more difficult, and more importantly limits your opportunities to present interesting approaches to this problem.

For these reasons, I published a new revision of the project that you can find in the Materials section of the CMS. You can now set a value for these two parameters (they should be less than 100). Please update your project with the new notebook. Those of you working on the server must still update (except if you did not start your server at all since the start of the project).

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