Generating Software Tests (Security Testing) Andreas Zeller + Rahul Gopinath


Project 2 - New Version

Written: 09.12.2019 15:28 Written By: Michael Mera

Several students reported that the second part of project 2 behave in a widely non-deterministic manner.

Be careful if you are using the power schedules from the lecture, as several of them use the numpy module as source of randomness! To make sure that every project is seeded correctly, I will seed numpy directly at the beginning of the evaluation, alongside the Python random module.

I posted a new version of the project doing that, you can find it as usual in the Material section of the CMS. To make sure that everyone has time to test with this change, your deadline is extended to the 10th of December midnight.

As always be careful not to overwrite your work when downloading/uploading the new version.

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