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Project 2 - A Note on Project Freezes/Crashes

Written: 12.12.2019 10:39 Written By: Michael Mera

Dear students,

Several of you reported having problems with the notebook crashing/freezing for some unknown reason, with a project code that does not seem to be at fault. Jupyter notebooks can "sometimes be a bit unreliable", and I cannot provide you with a good explanation on why this is happening.

For this reason, if you encounter this kind of problem, I advise you to export your project as Python code (File > Download as > Python) and run it as a script, as I explained here. If the problems disappear, the cause is probably the notebook and not your code.

I will grade you using this method, which means that if you are convinced that the problem does not come from your code, you should not worry about failing because of that.

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