Generating Software Tests (Security Testing) Andreas Zeller + Rahul Gopinath


Today's lecture is cancelled; solidarity march for Bernd Finkbeiner today at 16:00

Written: 04.02.2020 13:23 Written By: Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

Professor Bernd Finkbeiner has gotten an offer for a professorship at LMU Munich.  The student's union (Fachschaft) has called all CS students to show that they'd like to keep Bernd Finkbeiner at Saarbrücken by participating in a march (Fackelzug) starting today 16:00 at Platz der Informatik and ending with a Schwenker barbecue in E1.1, Room 407.

To enable students of the "Generating Software Tests" course to participate in today's march, today's lecture (and quiz) are *cancelled,* and we hope to see you at the student's march today.

We realize that this may be disappointing for all of you who wanted to learn more about fuzzing.  But we have two exciting visitors coming up instead, who represent some of the very best research done in fuzzing in test generation.  See our talk announcements later today!

And finally, we will be offering a seminar on "advanced testing and debugging" in the next semester, expanding on the techniques from this lecture.  For all of you interested in fuzzing and test generation - see you at the talks and (maybe) in the seminar; and for all of you who want to keep Bernd Finkbeiner with us, see you today at 16:00 at Platz der Informatik!

Best wishes,

Andreas Zeller

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