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Grades for project 3 and final grades are out

Written: 13.03.2020 11:32 Written By: Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

the grades for project 3 and your final grades are out.  You can find everything on the CMS site at

All in all, you have worked hard for this course, and we are very impressed by your performance.  The final grades reflect this assessment.

Many of you have told us how much you liked the course and its contents, and we'll be happy to let you know about further events:

* We will offer a seminar on advanced testing and debugging in the Summer semester.  In this seminar, we will go beyond the course material to discuss recent exciting approaches in automated testing and debugging, including some hands-on exercises with (you guessed it) Jupyter notebooks.  This will likely be held online, which should be an interesting experience.

* We plan to offer a new course on automated debugging this fall.  This course will have a similar format as Generating Software Tests – that is, inverted classroom, notebooks, and projects to work on.  Stay tuned!

* We also offer a number of MSc and BSc theses in these areas.  Our research typically applies and combines several techniques including dynamic analysis, static analysis, specification mining, test generation, natural language processing, machine learning, and formal languages.  If you're eager to contribute, here's some details on the process:

That's all for now.  We hope to see you soon again!

Andreas Zeller, Rahul Gopinath, and Michael Mera

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