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Project 1 - Important fixes

Written: 10.11.2019 16:26
Modified: 10.11.2019 19:23
Written By: Michael Mera

Dear students,

A problem in project 1 leads sometimes to infinite loops and slightly unreliable coverage results. It might be linked to this Python bug.

Anyway, I published a new version of the project which should fix this issue, by force-killing any child process that remains after running the target. You can download this new version in the Materials section of the CMS. As this might impact your results in unexpected ways, I advise you to download it, and replace your versions of `project.ipynb` and the ``script with the new ones. Be careful not to overwrite your work.

You should ensure that the `` script still has executable permissions (run `!chmod +x`) in a cell of the notebook for example).

You will need to kill any running instances of `HTML tidy` that might run in the background before running your project again. You have mainly two ways to do that:

  1. restart your instance of the Jupyter server (this should kill any running process)
  2. type `!ps -aux | grep -i tidy` in a notebook cell, identify the scripts still running in the background and use either `kill -9` or `pkill --signal SIGKILL` until they all disappear

If you still have problems after installing the fixes, you can contact me by email.

The good news is, you get an extension of two days to submit your project, so that you can check that everything is working as you expected. The new deadline for the submission is Wednesday the 13th of November.

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