Generating Software Tests (Security Testing) Andreas Zeller + Rahul Gopinath


Project 2

Written: 19.11.2019 21:02
Modified: 19.11.2019 21:04
Written By: Michael Mera

Hi all, Project 2 is out!
The goal of this project is to make you experiment with grammar-based fuzzing and fragment-based fuzzing.
The project is available for download in the Materials section of the CMS. If you want to work locally on your personal machine, you can download it and use the scripts provided to build and run a Docker image suitable for the project (see the file for details). Alternatively, the server has been updated to provide the project pre-configured.
You can develop your solution as you wish, either locally or on the server, but for submission you have to write it down in the provided notebook and upload it to the CMS. The deadline for submitting is the 10th of December at noon (local time).
More instructions on how to solve the project are in the notebook. If you have any doubt, just send us a question on the course Askbot.

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