Hacker Jeopardy

Written on 22.07.2019 23:57 by Ben Stock

As indicated, we are planning to do a Hacker Jeopardy. I have spoken with our administration and we can co-locate this with the CISPA summer party on August, 30th. The CISPA party starts at 3pm, so we plan to start the jeopardy (in a dark room, don't worry!) at 1pm.

Please fill out the doodle at and indicate if you'd like to join. Importantly, please fill out the doodle by Thursday morning, as we need to tell the administration how many people will join from the proseminar. There will be a fee for the BBQ (including food and drinks) of around 10€ per person which you have to pay yourselves. If you are already joining because you are a part of CISPA (e.g., a Hiwi), please indicate that in the doodle behind your name so I don't double-book you.

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