Hacking Bugiel, N├╝rnberger, Sorge, Stock, Tippenhauer



Reminder: Kick-Off

Kick-off is tomorrow, 12:15 in CISPA's lecture hall (E9.1, 0.05).



The goal of this Proseminar is to give students a deeper understanding of the typical security problems and weaknesses that pervade all kinds of IT systems today. To provide a more solid understanding of the discussed attack techniques, this seminar strongly mixes theoretical and practical aspects. On the one hand, participants are conveyed the typical Proseminar learning contents (e.g., presentation techniques, etc.). On the other hand, the participants are required to also learn and apply established tools for exploiting and attacking IT systems in the context of capture-the-flag styled exercises.

The slot for the proseminar is fixed to Wednesdays (see below) from 12:15 to 13:45


Note that direct registration is not possible, as all (pro)seminar assignments are done centrally via https://seminars.cs.uni-saarland.de/

Kick-Off and Meeting Dates

  • 17.4. 12:15 Kick-Off
  • 8.5. Authentication
  • 22.5. Forensics
  • 5.6. TBD
  • 19.6.  Crypto Attacks & Code-Reuse Attacks
  • 3.7. Car Hacking / TBD
  • 17.7. Wrap-Up Meeting

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