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Reminder on Zoom link

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This is just a reminder that, except for the speaker tomorrow, you should submit your one-page report of the paper and five questions by the end of tonight.




Hardware Security Seminar Description

Secure software needs a reliable and truthworthy hardware. As a result, a secure hardware is crucial to build secure system.
This seminar covers research papers addressing various topics in hardware security. This includes topics such as hardware trojans, hardware side-channel, security hardware extensions, external memory security, security of hardware-based secure envlaves, hardware testing and hardware watermarking and counterfeit detection.



The seminar is structured into three parts:


  • You will write a short survey paper on the main topic of your assigned papers category.
  • You present a paper or group of papers of a specific topic on hardware security individually. Others will prepare questions about the topic.
  • The presentations will be organized in a block format. Participation is mandatory.
  • You review two survey paper of others and raise questions about them.
  • You improve your original survey results based on the feedback from the reviewers.



You will be assigned a topic (related to your assigned paper) for which you will read and summarize the current research in a survey paper. (6 pages).  The resulting survey papers will undergo a peer review process similar to academic conferences.



Each participant will read up a paper and give an overview presentation about it. Other individuals should also read the paper and prepare research questions about the paper and a one page description of the paper. Students then will discuss limitations and open issues given the previously conducted work.




Each participant will read two survey paper and write a review about it. The reviewer then decides if the paper should get accepted or rejected.


Important Dates

  • Kick off meeting and paper assignments: TBA
  • Submission of survey paper: TBA
  • Submission of reviews: TBA
  • PC Meeting: TBA
  • Final Submission (in case your survey paper get a shepherd)




  • Final survey paper (40 % of your final grade)
  • Reviews (20 % of your final grade)
  • Presentation (40 % of your final grade)

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