Introduction to Digital and Privacy-Preserving Signatures Lucjan Hanzlik


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Introduction to Digital and Privacy-Preserving Signatures

Digital signatures are a basic cryptographic building block that ensures messages' authenticity (who signed) and integrity (what is signed).
The goal of this proseminar is to improve students' presentation skills and, at the same time, learn about digital signatures and schemes
that relax the above properties to increase the privacy of signers. We will discuss seminal research papers introducing, among others:
Ring signatures, group signatures, and blind signatures.

Each week two students will present their assigned paper, followed by a group discussion about the presentation and the article
(it is highly encouraged that all students have read the article). After the first round, there will be a second round where students
will present their improved presentation, and only the second round will be graded.

The kick-off meeting will be during the first week of lectures. The proseminar will be held in English and remotely via Zoom.


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