Exam details

Geschrieben am 04.08.2022 11:09 von Leo Dessani

Hi all,

With this email you will receive all details for the upcoming exam. Please read all the details carefully and let us know if you have any question.

1. Date and time of the exam:

The exam will take place on August 10, 2022, at 09:30 am. You will have 90 minutes to work on the exam.

Please be there no later than 09:15 am so we can start on time.

2. Location of the exam:

All students will write the exam in the GHH Lecture Hall.

3. Further details:

It is not allowed to use (lecture) notes or a calcuoator during the exam. The exam is designed so that you can pass it without these materials.

Please note that you are allowed to participate in the exam only if you have registered in the LSF and if you scored at least 55 points in the assignments. If you are unsure about this, please send us an email.

Wearing a mask is not mandatory, but we still recommend it to those who wish to wear it.

If you have questions, please let us know.


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