Going forward

Written on 24.11.2021 12:40 by Ben Stock

Hi all,

after some discussion between the teaching staff, we would like to hear your opinion. Given that cases are increasing and there seems little stopping this, we are considering to move the seminar to an online-only format. Based on the feedback we received thus far, this would - from a purely technical point - not be an issue. And while we firmly believe the seminar is much more productive (and more fun) if we do it in-person, it nevertheless increases the exposure risk of everyone (albeit it's rather small with distance and masks on). It is up to everyone to assess if this risk is too high for them.

Hence, we would like to know if anyone does not feel comfortable to have meetings in-person at this stage. Please use the anonymous feedback feature from the CMS to tell us so. In that case, we would move to an online setting.



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