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Less Injuries by Making Cars Secure

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Cars have ceased to be purely mechanical devices since their computerised counterparts are usually cheaper to manufacture and provide more functionalities. Even in the entry-level segment, modern cars feature at least ten different computers, so-called Electronic Control Units (ECUs). These ECUs pose a risk to the security and privacy of passengers. In this block seminar, you are required to work in teams of 2 students and write a seminar report and give a presentation on one topic that you choose.



T.b.a (beginning of the semester)


Presentation of different topics:

Privacy Security
  • Data collection in modern cars
  • Pay-as-you-drive Insurance tariffs
  • Driver identification based on behaviour
  • European Emergency Call (eCall)
  • Telematic Control Units
  • Sensor spoofing (GPS, Radar, RDS, ...)
  • Security risks of connected devices (OBD, charging stations and protocols)
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication & Vehicle to Infrastructure comm.
  • In-vehicle networks between ECUs
  • Autonomous driving verification
  • Embedded Systems / ECU fuzzing
  • Dynamic Homologation


You can then vote for up to three topics from above and an algorithm will fairly assign each student a topic such that most needs are met.

Introduction to personas to make analysis you have to do more realistic and interesting.

A Persona is a simple tool to create your product with a specific target user in mind rather than a generic one. It’s a representation of the real target audience and helps you to tailor your thoughts to a specific use case/user.

During the semester

You have to write a report and prepare the presentation about a topic that you got.

The content shall be about the topic with respect to the presented personas (i.e. how people actually use cars, taking into account that components may fail, that electronics might be destroyed in an accident and so on...).

The report/presentation should be about the same content.

T.b.a (end of semester)

Presentation of the topic according to our persona

Each of the 6 groups has to give a short presentation (30 min + 10 min Q&A) about their topic. We will choose a week in which 2 groups will present per day -- so in total there will be three (mandatory) presentation days. Additionally, you have to hand in the seminar paper which will be graded together with the presentation.








Basic knowledge of security and interest in vehicles (cars, bikes, ...) and privacy concerns.

Places: 12

Registration in LSF

The university requires you to register yourself in LSF no later than 3 weeks after the kick-off. Otherwise, we cannot enter your grades at the end of the semester.

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