Written on 10.11.22 by Sebastian Brandt

Mobile Agents

Ants collaboratively searching for food, robots exploring an unknown terrain, people trying to escape from a maze or simply meet each other, tokens being moved in a board game---there is a multitude of scenarios where one or multiple mobile entities traverse some space with a specific objective in mind. In this proseminar, we want to take a look at a selected subset of questions and papers related to mobile agents, from the theory side. How many ants, modeled as finite automata, does it take to locate an adversarially hidden food source in the plane, abstracted as a grid of cells? How many pebbles, to be placed on crossings as markers, does an agent with limited computational power need to escape from any maze? How fast can certain exploration tasks be accomplished?

Each student will be assigned one or two papers, and has to present the assigned paper(s) twice. The first presentation is followed by a group discussion about the presented content as well as a feedback round where suggestions for improvements are made. The second presentation will be given at a later stage and is the part of the proseminar that is mainly responsible for your grade.

The required language for the presentations is English. Depending on the covid situation, the proseminar will take place in person or via zoom.

If you are interested in this proseminar, please register your interest in the seminar assignment system.

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