Guest lecture tomorrow at 1pm

Written on 20.10.2016 19:26 by Christian Rossow

Tomorrow at 1pm we will have a guest lecture to finish off the MAID lectures. I invited Dr. Christian Dietrich from Crowdstrike, a US-based cyber security company. Crowdstrike has been involved in many reversing-based analyses of state actor malware attacks. Short abstract of his talk:

  In this talk, Chris will outline evasion approaches that impede reverse
  engineering of in-the-wild malware binaries. Based on practical
  examples, we will revisit some of the techniques that were previously
  addressed in the lecture and attempt to find ways to overcome obstacles.
  Finally, Chris will provide some insights into real-world targeted attacks.

Do not miss this guest lecture, it is a unique chance for you to learn about the daily job of a world-leading reverse engineer.

The lectures tomorrow will be in HS001 in E1 3 again.

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