Please upload your final presentation slides

Written on 07.02.20 by Christian Rossow

As discussed:

Do so by Wed, Feb 12th.

Final presentations tomorrow 9:45am

Written on 04.02.20 by Christian Rossow

The final presentations will start tomorrow at 9:45am (note: not 9:15am) in the typical room (CISPA, 3.08).

Seminar start on Tue Jan 13 at 09:15am

Written on 10.01.20 by Christian Rossow

Due to a collision with an important meeting that I cannot move, we will have to move next week's Malware proseminar to 9:15am, i.e., one hour earlier than usual. Please change the date in your calendars accordingly.

LSF Registration

Written on 20.11.19 by Christian Rossow

The examination office told me that many of missed to register for the proseminar in LSF/Hispos. As the registration deadline passed yesterday, please approach Ms Kraska ( ASAP with your name and student number to ask for a late proseminar registration.

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