Final Report: General Feedback and Advice

Written on 05.03.2021 14:56 by Swen Jacobs

Dear students,

you will get individual feedback on your draft of the summary from your tutor today.

Here are some general remarks for all of you:

1. We noticed that some of you did not have enough time for the report due to exams. Note that the deadline for the summary is Mar 14 (not Mar 10, as mentioned on the slides). Regarding length of the report we once stated 5-6 pages, and once 4-5, so everything between 4 and 6 pages is fine ;)

2. All reports already have a good structure and contain at least ideas for most of the content, but some are still formulated in "bullet-point" style. The final version should of course be a coherent text.

3. I want to mention again that the report does not have to be completely formal. In particular, include only the most essential formal definitions (if any). It is fine to work with examples and natural language, as long as the meaning and the ideas become clear.

4. Remember to have a look at the grading rubric in the Materials section, and include all points mentioned there.

5. Finally, two things about formatting of the report:

i) Some of you included the name of the chapter in the title of the document, which is of course a great idea. To make it uniform, please all conform to the following structure in the latex code (instead of the existing code for title and author):

\title{Title of Your Chapter}

\author{Model Checking: Techniques and Applications - Final Report}{Your Name}{Your Matrikulation Number}{}{}

ii) If you include references to other chapters of the Handbook, you can find the correct BibTex entries on this page: In general, is a good source for BibTex entries also for any other paper or book you want to cite.

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