Talk Schedule for Friday and Saturday

Written on 06.01.2021 15:17 by Swen Jacobs

Dear students,

on Fri and Sat we will have our practice talks. Here is the schedule:

Friday, starting at 10:15:

  1. Ch. 3 (Daniel Braun)

  2. Ch. 5 (Rachel Aimee Georg)

  3. Ch. 6 (Daniel Adrian Biondi)

  4. Ch. 8, first part (Felix Rausch)

Saturday, starting at 13:15:

  1. Ch. 8, second part (Ghiath Jawish) 

  2. Ch. 10 (Maher Rayes)

  3. Ch. 19 (Dana Siberski)

  4. Ch. 22 (Dylan Gomes Gouveia)

  5. Ch. 23 (Franziska Granzow)

  6. Ch. 27 (Michael Duda)

  7. Ch. 29 (Jannik Maximilian Müller)

If you want to get a recording of your talk to get a better impression of your performance, we can assign you the rights in the Zoom meeting such that you can record the talk yourself, or we can record the talk for you and make the file available for download.

Moreover, I have uploaded a file "Presentation Scoring" to Information>Materials. Note that the practice talks will not be graded, but this is only for your information and the preparation of the final talks.

See you on Friday!

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