Final Talk Date, Course Evaluation

Written on 13.01.2021 14:00 by Swen Jacobs

Dear students,

here is the poll that we will use to find suitable dates for your final talks:

We have picked the two weeks after lectures end, but are aware that you may still be writing exams in this time. So picking "No" because you write an exam or have to prepare for an exam that happens on the next day is of course OK. And if the time slots 9-13 and 14-18 are in general bad for you, please let us know, we could also pick a different window. Please fill the poll until the end of the week.

Additionally, here is the link to the course evaluation:

The latter is not mandatory, but it would help us a lot if you invest 5-10 min to fill it, especially if you like the course or have constructive feedback on what we can improve (as during the seminar: don't be shy, but be nice ;))


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