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Representation of source code

Tutor: Gianluca, Masud and Giancarlo

[Follow-up paper] code2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Code (POPL 2019) - presenter: Blirona Keraj

[Follow-up paper] Learning to Represent Programs with Graphs (ICLR 2018) - presenter: Varun Soni

[Main paper] CodeBERT: A Pre-Trained Model for Programming and Natural Languages (EMNLP 2020)

Date: 23rd of November

2 Automated program exploration

Tutor: Aleksey and Giancarlo

[Follow-up paper] Learn&Fuzz: Machine Learning for Input Fuzzing (ASE 2017) - presenter: Sharanya Raghavendra Rao
[Main paper] Automatic Web Testing using Curiosity-Driven Reinforcement Learning (ICSE 2021)

Date: 30th of November

3 Aid traditional program analyses

Tutor: Masud and Cris

[Follow-up paper] Unsupervised Learning of API Aliasing Specifications (PLDI 2019) - presenter: Syeda Mahnur Asif

[Follow-up paper] Machine-Learning-Guided Selectively Unsound Static Analysis (ICSE 2017) - presenter: Denis Pyshchai

[Main paper] DEEPVSA: Facilitating Value-set Analysis with Deep Learning for Postmortem Program Analysis (USENIX 2019)

Date: 7th of December

4 Replace traditional program analyses

Tutor: Gianluca and Giancarlo

[Follow-up paper] VulDeePecker: A Deep Learning-Based System for Vulnerability Detection (NDSS 2018) - presenter: Dominik Kempter

[Main paper] Neutaint: Efficient Dynamic Taint Analysis with Neural Networks (S&P 2020)

Date: 14th of December

5 ML-based reverse engineering

Tutor: Thorsten

[Follow-up paper] Neural Nets Can Learn Function Type Signatures From Binaries (USENIX 2019)
[Follow-up paper] Neural reverse engineering of stripped binaries using augmented control flow graphs (OOPSLA 2014)
[Main paper] Augmenting Decompiler Output with Learned Variable Names and Types (USENIX 2022)

6 (Web) vulnerability detection

Tutor: Aleksey and Giancarlo

[Follow-up paper] Mitch: A Machine Learning Approach to the Black-Box Detection of CSRF Vulnerabilities (Euro S&P 2019) - presenter: Mahnoor Shahid

[Main paper] Black-Box Detection of Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities Using Reinforcement Learning (WWW 2022)

Date: 11th of January

7 ML-based decompiler

Tutor: Thorsten

[Follow-up paper] XDA: Accurate, Robust Disassembly with Transfer Learning (NDSS 2021) - presenter: Tim Nico Bauerschmidt

[Follow-up paper] Coda: An End-to-End Neural Program Decompiler (NeurIPS 2019) - presenter: Janani Karthikeyan

[Main paper] DeepDi: Learning a Relational Graph Convolutional Network Model on Instructions for Fast and Accurate Disassembly (USENIX 2022)

Date: 18th of January

8 Automated program repair

Tutor: Thorsten

[Follow-up paper]  Hoppity: Learning Graph Transformations to Detect and Fix Bugs in Programs (ICLR 2020) - presenter: Yorik Leon Wagner

[Follow-up paper] CURE: Code-Aware Neural Machine Translation for Automatic Program Repair (ICSE 2021) - presenter: Mohamed Abdelhamid Ghanem

[Main paper] DeepFix: fixing common C language errors by deep learning (AAAI 2017)

Date: 25th of January

9 Explainability

Tutor: Thorsten

[Follow-up paper] LEMNA: Explaining Deep Learning based Security Applications (CCS 2018) - presenter: Mikka Rainer

[Main paper] Explaining Vulnerabilities of Deep Learning to Adversarial Malware Binaries 

Date: 1st of February

10 Pitfalls of machine learning for code/security

Tutor: Masud and Cris

[Follow-up paper] IdBench: Evaluating Semantic Representations of Identifier Names in Source Code (ICSE 2021) - presenter: Khadija Butt

[Follow-up paper] Dos and Don'ts of Machine Learning in Computer Security (USENIX 2022) - presenter: Maike Kalms

[Main paper] You Autocomplete Me: Poisoning Vulnerabilities in Neural Code Completion (USENIX 2021)

Date: 8th of February


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