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Written on 16.01.2023 12:08 by Lea Schönherr

Hi everyone!

Thank you for submitting all of your reviews. I hope you can now see all the submitted reviews for your paper in HotCRP. This should include my review and overall I want to say that I really enjoyed reading all your submissions. For the final version, you can update your paper in HotCRP by February 8 (AoE).

For the Artefact Report, please send this to me via Email also by February 8 (AoE), which means for Germany/Saarbrücken until 2 pm February 9 :-) 
Unfortunately, this can not be uploaded via our HotCRP instance. My email address:

Finally, I also have the evaluation link for the seminar. I hope you find a couple of minutes to fill it:
The link is available until February 2

I wish you good luck and fun with finalising your artefact report. After you have submitted everything, I will contact you to schedule a meeting with each of your teams to provide feedback on the submitted deliverables.

Best regards,
Lea Schönherr

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