Timeline for the project 3 and the oral exam

Written on 16.12.2020 20:52 by Hui-Po Wang

Dear all,

We have received some feedbacks about project 3. Therefore, we would like to announce and clarify a few points below. 

First, the timeline this year is roughly the same as the one in the last year, which means the workload isn’t affected by the reduced semester, but we also realized students may have heavier loading in this special semester. As a result, we don’t treat the submission of proposals as a hard deadline. You can submit the proposal later, but it should not be later than Dec. 24. Meanwhile, students who submit proposals on time will receive feedbacks on time as planned. Note that the overall timeline of project 3 still remains the same, so please start earlier.

Second, as explained by Professor, we plan to have the oral exam according to the following schedule. Please note that four days are all first exams, not re-exams. Students will be assigned to four days based on their preference, or we would assign them otherwise.

MLCySec exams

Scheduled: Feb 10, 2021, to Feb 11, 2021

MLCySec Exams

Scheduled: Apr 8, 2021, to Apr 9, 2021

Last, since the earliest oral exam happens on Feb. 10, we plan to have the project presentation on Feb. 4 and the submission of reports will be due on Feb. 8. More details, e.g., presentation orders and duration, will come up after.



Your tutors.

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