Projects reports and presentations

Written on 28.01.2022 13:54 by Sahar Abdelnabi

We would like to remind you that the deadline for the final report would be on 4th Feb., 23:59. 

Please also find in the materials' section the schedule for the final presentations of your projects which will be held on two days, Tuesday 8/2 and Friday 11/2, during the lecture and tutorial time, respectively.

We have randomly assigned the teams to these two days. If you have a conflict, please feel free to coordinate and switch with another team and let us know, or let us know if that is not available. 

Each team will have 8 minutes to present their work, followed by 4 minutes for questions/discussions. We will strictly enforce the time-limits. 

All team members should attend, but it is okay if only one team member presents the project. The presenter should share the screen with the slides and turn on the video.
Please join using the tutorial's zoom link (which you can find in the internal page).

Also note that this final presentation will affect your grade, and it will be graded based on both the content of your project and the presentation.

Each presentation should roughly contain the following parts: Title, introduction to the problem, your proposed solution, baselines, experimental results, discussion/takeaways.

Please send in your slides in a PDF format to:, the day before your presentation.


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