Next Meeting + Deadline Reminder

Written on 08.12.2023 10:17 by Lea Schönherr

Hi everyone!

I hope the preparations of the first versions of the paper and artefact report is going well.

  • I wanted to remind you that the deadline for the survey paper is due to Dec 18 (Anywhere on Earth, which should be Dec 19, 1pm CET). For submitting and reviewing the paper, we will use a HotCRP instance. You can find the link here. For the submission, you can register and fill out all required information and upload your PDF. Your affiliation will be "Universität des Saarlandes". There are updates, including uploading a new PDF, possible until the deadline. So please make use of the time to check the platform early enough. If there are any troubles, let me know. We also have a meeting before the final deadline which we can use for fixing issues.
  • As a general note, our schedule has been announced during the kick-off and you can also find it in the slides. I also added it to the main page now. There is one change: The meeting for this Monday (Dec 11), will be combined with the meeting the week after (Dec 18). Therefore, we have no meeting Monday, Dec 11. In our next meeting we will also agree on the presentation slots. We have five slots and five topics. Please think about your preferences, but in principleI expect you to join all the presentation meetings no matter if you are presenting or be an active part of the discussion. The general setting for presenting and discussion leads will be presented Dec 18.

Best regards,

Lea Schönherr

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