Lecture schedule

The lectures are pre-recorded and will be released Mondays on a weekly basis. A virtual Microsoft Teams session every Friday 10-12 offers an opportunity to discuss the lecture content.

Release dates of lecture videos Virtual session (10:00-12:00) Topic
02.11. 06.11. Kick-off
Motivation and Basic Concepts
09.11. 13.11. Security Concepts and Intro to Android's Security Architecture
16.11. 20.11. Security Architecture: Access Control and Permissions
23.11. 27.11. Security Architecture: Role of Binder IPC
30.11. 04.12.

Security Architecture: Mandatory Access Control

07.12. 11.12.

Security Architecture: Revisiting compartmentalization

Intro to Android System Programming and Course Project

14.12. 18.12.

Advanced Attacks and Problems

04.01.2021 08.01.2021 Network Security: SSL/TLS and NSC
11.01. 15.01. Network Security: WebViews
18.01. 22.01. Application-layer Security Extensions
25.01. 29.01. Hardware-based mobile platform security‚Äč
N/A 05.02. Exam Q&A
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