Exam Q&A Sessions

Written on 12.07.2023 12:03 by Sebastian Stich

Dear students,

As announced,

  • there will be an exam Q&A session in the last lecture next Monday (see also the forum)
  • an additional Q&A opportunity will be offered on August 2, 3pm (at CISPA, room 3.21, 3pm) by Xiaowen.

Most projects are now graded (except from some pending re-submissions). Students that have passed all requirements can now register for the exam.

  • The exam will take place on August 8, 2pm in room GHH.
  • You must register at least one week before the exam.

You can directly register on LSF. The registration link on this side should redirect your there. Some students (e.g. erasmus) cannot register on LSF, for them registration in CMS suffices. If it does not work for you, please contact me (or the study office) early.

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