Project Plan Feedback

Written on 01.06.2023 17:42 by Sebastian Stich

Dear students, 

I have uploaded a brief feedback to your project proposals (the ones that have been submitted).

As a general feedback:

- while most proposals had nice ideas, many were lacking rigor in describing how a 'fair comparison/evaluation' would be performed. Please carefully think about this, and also include a discussion in your final report on 'why' you methodology is adequate to evaluate the properties you want to study.

- many projects were submitted by teams of size 1. There might be an opportunity to merge similar projects, or for people that do not have one yet to join one of these (you can use the forum to exchange). The course materials are quite comprehensive and demanding, and therefore I think that tripling the effort for the project work is not an ideal strategy if you need the time for exercises/quizzes, etc.

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