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Written: 04.01.2022 20:54 Written By: Sebastian Stich

Dear students,

I have just uploaded feedback on report 2.

In the next days I will contact you to arrange a (zoom) meeting to provide feedback on your final presentation drafts. Ideally, these discussions should take place in 2-4 weeks from now, so that there is enough time left to incorporate the feedback.

I will invite you in groups of 2-3, so that we can have a bit of a discussion and that you also get feedback from your peers.

It would be great if you could prepare a sketch of the presentation (just bullet points - no polishing) that you can present in 5-10 minutes (max!). We will use the rest of the time for discussions, feedback and additional questions you might have on the content of the paper. Please,

  • follow the provided template structure (or some other logical structure)
  • focus on the most essential points only (maybe highlight them in color)
  • consider that the (final) presentation should be self-contained/simple enough, so that your peers can follow. Show how you will address this aspect.


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