Requirements for weekly reports

For every lecture, hand in a report (as a PDF file) consisting of two parts:

Part 1: A one-page summary of the lecture.  Your summary should answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem being addressed?
  • Who is affected by the problem?
  • What are the solutions presented?
  • What is the possible impact of these solutions?

Part 1 will be graded as "pass" or "fail".  Passing Part 1 is mandatory; if you fail in Part 1, the overall grade for your report will be "–" (fail).

Part 2: 1–2 pages analyzing the market possibilities.  Your analysis should address the following questions, assuming the presented solutions make it to market:

  1. Envision and describe a product or service that incorporates a solution from Part 1.
  2. Which customers (the "who" from Part 1) would be interested in this product or service?
  3. Are there already companies that provide similar products or services?  Provide names.
  4. How would the new product or service make a difference?
  5. What is the volume of this market?  Provide sources and calculations for your estimates.

​Part 2 will be graded as "++" (3; excellent), "+" (2; good), "o" (1; fair), or "–" (0; fail).  This grade will make the overall grade for your report.

You normally would prepare your report individually.  However, you can also prepare your report as a group of 2–3 students.  In this case,

  • The required length of Part 2 multiplies with the number of authors (e.g. 3–6 pages for 3 authors)
  • Every section of Part 2 must be attributed to one single author; authors will get individual grades for their sections.
  • The summary in Part 1 is the joint responsibility of all authors; attribution is not necessary here.

Reports are due exactly two weeks after the respective lecture (i.e. Monday 16:15).  For the first report (Zeller's lecture), this is extended to November 12. Submit your reports via the Course Management System at

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