Talk today: Soenke Zehle - Collaborative Cultures, Speculative Futures: Arts-and-Technology Research

Written on 04.02.2019 11:31 by Alexander Kampmann

Dear all,

as a guest lecture in our series “Perspectives of Cybersecurity”, we today have a talk:
    Collaborative Cultures, Speculative Futures: Arts-and-Technology Research at HBKsaar and K8
    Soenke Zehle, Academy of Fine Arts Saar
    Monday, Februray 4, 16:15
    CISPA (E9 1), Lecture Hall
A brief introduction into the multidisciplinary project culture at Saarland's only academy of art as well as its latest innovation transfer initiative, K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik. Founded to initiate and implement transfer, think tank, and training activities, K8 is currently involved in a variety of collaborative economy and decentralized technology projects.
Soenke Zehle, media theorist, writes, teaches, curates, with a focus on collaborative arts-and-technology research. Lecturer in Media Theory at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar, he is also managing director of K8 Institut für strategische Aesthetik gGmbH, the academy’s non-profit company for think tank, transfer, and training activities, as well as an affiliate researcher at the Ubiquitous Media Technologies Lab of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Between 2012 and 2018 he also worked as managing director of the academy's xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab.
The lecture series “Perspectives of Cybersecurity” gives insights in the many facets of cybersecurity research and founder's activities at the site, with a special focus on marketable innovative ideas and trends.  With this talk, we shed light on a frequently neglected facet of computer science research, namely how to focus on aesthetics and usability as it comes to designing products and processes.  Enjoy!
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