Optional Talk. André Pousinho, 2pm Today: Mobile Phone Identification and Tracking with SDR

Written on 21.06.2019 09:31 by Nils Ole Tippenhauer

A related OPTIONAL talk today (not required, no influence on any grade)


I am hosting André today (Friday, June 21st), and he will give a talk at
2pm in room 0.01. Please attend if you are interested in the topic. The
talk is based on a research project which was supervised by Aurélien

Title: Mobile Phone Identification and Tracking with SDR

Our project aims at exploring methods for detecting the presence of
mobile phones using SDR (exploiting GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth) and if
possible track them. In particular, we introduce 2-4G IMSI catchers,
passive eavesdropping on GSM is demonstrated, and WiFi-based IMSI
catching is discussed. Finally, several methods to identify devices via
Bluetooth are shown, even if those devices had disabled Bluetooth.
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