Physical-Layer Security Nils Ole Tippenhauer

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Physical-Layer Security

The lecture will take place every Thursday from 12-14, starting April 11th.

This lecture is an advanced lecture in Physical-Layer
Security. Previously knowledge from CySec1 and CySec2, or Security is
recommended. While the lecture will touch physical-layer concepts such
as (wireless) signals, no background in that area is assumed. The
lecture will cover thee main topic areas: attacks (and
countermeasures) that leverage physical channels (e.g., side-channel
attacks), attacks (and countermeasures) involving wireless
communications (e.g., jamming, manipulation, and forwarding), and
security for cyber-physical systems (such as industrial control

The lecture will be complemented by 6 exercises (details TBD). Due to related effort, this course can only accommodate up to 40 students.

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