Paper list is online

Written on 25.10.2021 14:44 by Rui Wen

Dear all,

The paper list is online, please select your favorite paper and mark its index on the doodle ( by tomorrow 4 pm. One important change, no one needs to choose three papers anymore (that's what Yang mentioned half an hour ago), instead, we will use the following rules.
For those who participate as pro-seminar students (Wang, Ye; Ebler, Elisa; and O Keefe, Shannon Angela), please select two papers that you want to present. For other students, please select one paper. The assignment will be based on the first-come, first-serve principle. The paper selection deadline is Tuesday (26.10) 4 pm.
If you want to present the paper next week (01.11), you will get extra points, please contact me ( if you are interested.


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