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Trustworthy Machine Learning

Machine learning has made great advances over the past year and many techniques have found their ways into applications. This leads to an increasing demand of techniques that not only perform well - but are also "trustworthy".

Trustworthiness includes:
- Interpretability of the prediction
- Robustness against changes to the input, which occur naturally or with malicious intend
- Privacy preserving machine learning (e.g. when dealing with sensitive data such as in health applications)
- Fairness
- ...



As a proseminar’s primary purpose is to learn presentation skills, the seminar will feature two presentations from each student. 

In the first half of the semester, we will have presentations of two topics each week. After each presentation, fellow students and lecturers will provide feedback on how to improve the presentation. This general feedback must then be taken into account for the second half of the semester, where again each student will present.



The first presentations  will count towards 30% of the overall grade, the second presentation will count towards 70% of the overall grade. Attendance in the proseminar meetings is mandatory. At most one session can be skipped, after that you need to bring a doctor’s note to excuse your absence.

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