Seminar starts Wednesday at 09:59 at CISPA; moves to Campus E1 1, Room 407 on Thursday

Written on 08.07.19 by Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

on Thursday, the CISPA building will be closed for water supply maintenance.  The seminar will take place in Campus E1 1, Room 407 instead.

Also note that the seminar begins at 09:59 every morning.  See you!

– Andreas Zeller


This block seminar (7 ECTS) provides students with four competencies for improved problem solving and communication

  1. How to initiate a problem solving process and identify the major aspects of complex problems
  2. How to structure complex problems and to break them down into manageable sub-problems
  3. How to gather the necessary information and select the appropriate tools for analysis
  4. How to structure convincing communication processes and derive optimized charts

This seminar is open for all students in computer science and related courses; it is especially recommended for students working in a team on complex projects, e.g. students of Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity.

Dates and Place

Interactive lecture (block seminar, 6 slots a 180 minutes, 18 hours in total) 

The seminar will take place from July 10 to July 12, starting at 09:59 each day.

  • Wednesday: CISPA, lecture hall 001, ground floor
  • Thursday: Campus E1 1, Room 407, 4th floor
  • Friday: CISPA, lecture hall 001, ground floor


Presentation (group based, 6 slots a 30 minutes, 6 hours in total including breaks)

Examinations will take place on August 29 at CISPA, lecture hall 001, ground floor

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