Advances in Security Testing Sascha Just, Andreas Zeller



Kick-Off meeting

The first meeting will take place at Thursday, 19.04, 2pm at our seminar room Room 2.22,  E 9.1 in the CISPA building.

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Advances in Security Testing

During the course of this seminar, we will discuss well established and upcoming techniques used in automated software testing for security issues. Students will present and discuss topics on a weekly basis. Topics include black and white box approaches, static and dynamic analysis, and test generation techniques, such as fuzzing. Students should already have basic knowledge about software systems and testing, i.e. Programming II and Sopra. Knowledge in security testing, e.g. from the lecture of the same name, is also welcome.



Location E9 1 Room 2.22
Time Thursday 14:00 - 15:00
Meeting Seminar (Weekly Meeting)
Number of Students 12
Instructor Andreas Zeller
Adviser Sascha Just
Contact Sascha Just (email)
Language  English
Kickoff 19/04/2018 14:00, E9 1 Room



Each student will give 2 presentations. The second one will be graded. 

Students will be required to hand in reviews for the discussed papers on a weekly basis. Reviews and participation in the seminar will count towards the final grade. 


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