Finals presentatios scheduled.

Written on 22.08.18 by Sascha Just

First part will take part on Monday, August 27th  9:00-12:00 (st).

Second part will take part on Friday, September 7th  9:00-14:00 (st).

Please hand-in your slides on Monday. 

Please fill out the second doodle poll.

Written on 20.08.18 by Sascha Just

The doodle poll for the second round of presentations is online for almost a month.

Scheduling will be done tomorrow. If you haven't participated, fill out the form today.



Final Presentations first round scheduled for August 27th.

Written on 21.07.18 by Sascha Just

Doodle for the second round:


Scheduling final presentations.

Written on 28.06.18 by Sascha Just

Please check out the Doodle poll to schedule your final presentations.



Final presentations.

Written on 28.06.18 by Sascha Just

Please select your preferred topic for your final presentation under your personal page -> Preferences.

Reminder: Seminar today at 4pm in room 0.07.

Written on 30.05.18 by Sascha Just

As tomorrow will be a public holiday, the seminar will take place today at 4pm in the seminar room 0.07 in the CISPA building. 

Reminder: no seminar this week.

Written on 15.05.18 by Sascha Just

There will be no seminar this week as the chair is on a retreat. However, you will still be required to hand in your reviews and slide decks. 

Our next meeting will be on May 24th, 2pm in our usual seminar room on the 2nd floor. 



Christian Holler visiting May 7-11.

Written on 07.05.18 by Sascha Just

Christian Holler will join the seminar on Wednesday, May 9th to discuss this weeks paper, current challenges, and advances in fuzzing. Christian is a senior security engineer at Mozilla. He will be around the whole week if you want to meet and chat.

Kick-Off meeting

Written on 10.04.18 by Sascha Just

The first meeting will take place at Thursday, 19.04, 2pm at our seminar room Room 2.22,  E 9.1 in the CISPA building.

Check the timetable page for scheduled events.


Registration is now open.

Written on 05.04.18 (last change on 10.04.18) by Sascha Just

Please also register for the seminar using the Registration tab. Slots are limited for this seminar. Registration in the CISPA CMS is mandatory.

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