Before the minitest is after the minitest

Written on 23.11.2017 10:33 by Christian Rossow

The next minitest will be on Tue, Dec 5th, at 10:15 and will cover Authentication (Chapter 04), Anonymity (Chapter 05) and Web Security (Chapter 06). Same concept as for the last minitest. You can bring a cheatsheet that will be collected before the test, and the test will be 15 min.

We also finished planning of the minitests. In total, there will be 5 tests, which means you have to pass at least 3 tests to participate in the exam.

The dates of the tests are as follows:

  1. Test: Tue, Nov 21st.  Topics: Crypto & Protocols
  2. Test: Tue, Dec 5th.  Topics: Authentication & Anonymity & Web Securtiy
  3. Test: Tue, Dec 19th.  Topics TBA
  4. Test: Tue, Jan 9th.  Topics TBA
  5. Test: Tue, Jan 23rd.  Topics TBA
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