Tutorial registration started **ACTION BY NOV 1st**

Written on 26.10.2017 12:05 by Christian Rossow

Please sign in to CMS and check your tutorial preferences ("Personal Status"). We will offer four disjoint tutorial time slots:

  • Tue 12-14
  • Wed 08-10
  • Wed 10-12
  • Thu 14-16

Choose your preferences no later than Wed, Nov 1st. We will assign tutorials on Thu, Nov 2nd.

Another note: We'll upload slides usually latest a few hours after the lecture and exactly those slides we covered in the lecture. Please note that we will update existing slides (instead of creating a new Materials entry in CMS) if the topic has not changed between two dates (e.g., we updated the slide deck on Cryptography after it was finished, and some of you missed that). Please monitor the revision numbers for changes.

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