Grading available for Project 1. Also notes about Project 3

Written on 21.12.2017 14:22 by Johannes Krupp

Hi all,

Project 1

we have finished correcting your reports for the first project and made the results available in CMS. Under "Test and Exams", you should be able to see the final points for the first project, as well as a breakdown for each challenge. Additionally, we also provide the points you gained from the scoreboard under "(Scoreboard)", as well as the report rating under "(Report)".

There were both cases where we had to deduct points from the report, as well as cases where we gave points for partial solutions.

If your total points are less than your scoreboard points it is most likely due to one of two common mistakes:

  1. A solution for task "Weak Key" that only applied the RsaCtfTool without any further explanation gave 0 points.
  2. A solution for task "Weak MAC" that uses a library (hashpump, hlextend etc.) without explaining their inner working we gave half of the points for identifying the vulnerability as "length-extension" and for finding the keylength of 32.

If you have questions about your report grading, please contact Johannes.

Project 3

Project 3 will be relased today at 18:00. This means that you may build new teams until next Sunday (24.12.), should you wish to do so.

With this, all the best and have a merry christmas

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